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The following books include illustrations of the works of Stanley Anderson




Year of Publication



Stanley Anderson

Prints: A Catalogue Raisonné


Authors; Robert Meyrick and Harry Heuser


Published by; Royal Academy of Arts


A catalogue of Anderson’s prints, including images and descriptions for all the prints that have been identified as at January 2015. The catalogue numbers are identical to those used within this web site with the exception of catalogue numbers 43 and 44 which have been transposed in the book.

The publication of the book coincides with the Exhibition at the Royal Academy; “An Abiding Standard: The works of Stanley Anderson RA” .  25th February – 24th May 2015.



The Savage Spirit

Author, John Hudson

Published by; Redcliffe Press Ltd



The Bookshop, Clement’s Inn (catalogue number 18) is reproduced on page 8, there is a profile of Stanley Anderson on page 149 and an illustration of his caricatures on page 116.

The  Leathersellers’ Company

A History

Author, Penelope Hunting



The Etchings commissioned by The Leathersellers’ Company (catalogue numbers 38 & 39) are reproduced on page 193

City Impressions

Bristol etchers 1910 -1935

Author, Sheen Stoddard

Published  by Redcliffe Press Ltd. In association with the City of Bristol Museum &  Art Gallery



Pages 9 -12 include reproductions of Bristol Savages Menu Number 1 (catalogue  number 8) and The Bookshop, Clement’s Inn (catalogue number 18).

Trades & Tools

Volume 6

Published  by; The Journal of the Tool and Trades History Society


Pages 23 – 42

An article on Stanley Anderson by R.J.E. Inglis illustrating some of the   “Craftsmen” series of line engravings and detailing the use of the various tools and craftsmanship.

The Lace Maker (catalogue number 227), The Saddler (catalogue number  248), The Rake-makers (catalogue number 253) and Making the Gate (catalogue number 255) are reproduced in this article.


Recording Britain

4  Volumes.

Published   by; Oxford University Press in association with The Pilgrim Trust.


11 Watercolours are reproduced

Volume 1

Pages: 164,166,172,174,176.

Volume 3

Pages  176, 178, 182, 184, 186, 212


British Craftsmanship

Published by; Collins


The   Purbeck Quarrymen (catalogue number 215) and The Wheelwright (catalogue number 224) are reproduced on pages 13 and 25.


British Craftsmen

Author, Thomas Henwelll


The   Purbeck Quarrymen (catalogue number 215) and The Wheelwright (catalogue number 224) are reproduced on pages 11 and 21.


Print Collector’s Quarterly Vol. 20

Published by; J.M.Dent & Sons Ltd.


Pages 221 – 246

The Etchings and Engravings of Stanley Anderson By Martin   Hardie

Catalogue of works from 1908 – 1932

12 prints and 1 drawing reproduced.


Original  Engraving and Etching an Appreciation

Author, Herbert Furst


The Line engraving “The Fallen Star”  (catalogue number 187 ) is reproduced on page 365.

Note – on page 364 it refers to a plate called “Refuse” this was corrected by Anderson as being the Drypoint "Wreckage”


The History of the Royal Society of Painter-Etchers & Engravers 1880 -1930

Author, Sir Francis Newbolt



Párky and Vuřty, Prague (catalogue number 189) is reproduced on page 67

The Ship’s Bell

Privately printed at the Curwen Press, London for   Van-Lear Black of Baltimore  Maryland



A limited edition book (100) containing an Auto Lithograph of “The Pouring of the Bell" (catalogue number 174) as the frontispiece.

The Artists of London

John Castle

Printed by; Curwen Press



Includes pictures of Anderson’s   drawings and paintings on pages 47, 49 and 50.

Sidney Ball

Memories & Impressions of “AN IDEAL DON”

Arranged by Oona Howard Ball

Published by; Oxford Basil Blackwell


Frontispiece is referred to being an etching however, it was a Brown Crayon drawing completed in 1913. It is located at Barnett House, Oxford.  

Anderson made 3 drawings of Sidney Ball in 1913 and later completed the etching (catalogue number 75) from the third drawing.

Note -   Information from Ian Lowe’s catalogue notes.


Notes on the History of Sotheby’s

Author, G.D. Hobson

Published by Dryden Press


Some books (not all) have two original etchings commissioned by Sotheby’s. 

Wellington Street, Strand (catalogue number 89)  as a frontispiece and Old Doré Gallery, New Bond  Street (catalogue number 90) facing page 5.