The preparation of this Catalogue has been a quest for many years.

It would not have been possible without the considerable support and assistance from a great number of fellow enthusiasts who are too many to name individually.

For their exceptional support, I wish to record my thanks to –

Ian Lowe (1935 - 2012) formerly the Assistant Keeper of Western Art at the Ashmolean Museum Oxford in whose memory I dedicate this site;

the Staff at the Print Room, The Ashmolean Museum Oxford, who have assisted and encouraged my endeavours for a considerable number of years;

Sheena Stoddard - formerly Curator of Fine Art at the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

Robert Meyrick and Harry Heuser - Aberystwyth University (Authors of the Stanley Anderson book to be published by the Royal Academy in 2015)


Celia Austin – a fellow researcher and cataloguer of the works of J P Granville Exley;

John Cleverdon – Bristol Savages;

Jerome Farrell – Archivist, The Worshipful Company of Leathersellers.

Sue Wilson - Stanley Anderson's Grand Daughter and copyright holder for the art work of Stanley Anderson


I wish to record my thanks also to the numerous Museum and Art Gallery staff, both in the UK and worldwide, who have unstintingly helped to enable this project to come to fruition.

To everyone who has helped with the project my most sincere thanks and to my brother for proof reading my efforts.

Finally to all the Web Browsers who can help fill in the gaps, please do get in contact.

Thank you

Gordon Forster

August 2014


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22        Numerous Art Books, Periodicals, Magazines, Newspaper Cuttings and Auction Catalogues.

            Especially editions of “Fine Prints of the Year” and “The Studio”.

23        Worldwide Internet resources of Museums and Art Galleries.

24        Fellow print collectors and Print Dealers.





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Stanley Anderson Prints - Copyright


Stanley Anderson died at his home, Darobey, Church Lane, Chearsley, Buckinghamshire, on 4th March 1966. Under the 70 Year Copyright Law his works are protected until 2036.

The Author of this catalogue records his thanks to Sue Wilson, the copyright holder of the Artwork of Stanley Anderson, for permission to reproduce the artwork of Stanley Anderson on this web site.  In addition, the Author recognises the rights of all copyright holders.  

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