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The catalogue is arranged in six folders, each spanning a decade. Please click on the decade tabs above to view the catalogue.


The following guidance notes provide information about the catalogue;

 Numbering system

Prior to this catalogue the only published catalogue was that by Martin Hardie published in the Print Collector’s Quarterly Volume 20 1933.

Hardie’s catalogue excludes many of Anderson’s early works.

Consequently for this on-line catalogue I have introduced a new catalogue number commencing with number 1 for the earliest etching (1906) and terminating with number 260 for Anderson’s last Line Engraving (1953).

Where applicable I have also listed Martin Hardie's catalogue number.


The date specified is the earliest date from the following sources:

            - the date written by Anderson on the print;

            - the date listed by Hardie;

            - the date the print first appeared in a catalogue;

            - a date deduced from the type of signature/monogram;

            - for all prints post 1927 – the date in Anderson's Ledger.


            A          Aquatint (col = colour)

            D         Drypoint

            E          Etching (col = colour)

            Eng      Engraving

            L          Lithograph

            M         Mezzotint (sp = sandpaper)

            W Eng Wood engraving


Total number of prints of the final proof published.  The published number written on the print has sometimes been reduced if Anderson’s Ledger/Notes recorded that the entire edition was not printed.


All measurements are in millimetres

All measurements are the size of the “plate”. Height followed by width.


In all cases where information is missing or can’t be substantiated then “nk” has been used to indicate “Not Known”.

Within the catalogue some entries include an image link, click on this to open a screen to view a scanned image of the print. This opens in a new window so please remember to close it after viewing the picture.


Additional Information

For more information about a print go to the Gallery and highlight the image;


Click on the “Magnifying Glass” button, this will provide a small image and where completed; a description, details of prior states, collections etc. along with a larger image of that specific print.


The “Link” button will provide the same information as the “Magnifying Glass” for each print and also allow scrolling through all images for that decade using the left and right arrow navigators.



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