209 Self portrait 1933

Alfred Charles
Stanley Anderson (1884 - 1966)

For many years it has been my personal quest to produce a catalogue of the “Printed” works of Stanley Anderson.

Until now the only published catalogue of Anderson’s prints was written by Martin Hardie and included in the Print Collectors Quarterly, volume twenty, published in 1933.  This Web Site is the result of many years research and is intended to assist others who are interested in Anderson’s printed work.

At the time of publication (August 2014), I am able to identify 260 final proofs and 191 prior states. However, I am confident that there are many more prints that need to be included in the catalogue, particularly of his early work.  Consequently, I will be very pleased if you can help by filling in any gaps in the catalogue. I will also be grateful for any additional information or corrections that may be sent using the contact link provided.

There is a section which includes acknowledgements.   My grateful thanks to all those who have helped me in my research.  I would like to especially acknowledge the tremendous support and encouragement I received from the late Ian Lowe (1935 – 2012), a former Assistant Keeper of Western Art at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.  I dedicate this site to his memory.

Gordon Forster,
August 2014.